Dreams, Gratitude, and the Neverending Mom Job


It’s been a hell of a week (what, it’s only Tuesday? My week is wonky).

Ruthless Rose (Girl #1) – Retarded Reindeer (Girl #2) – Spiderman (Boy) – I didn’t pick their names, they did.

Anyway – so Rose and Reindeer are both in girl scouts, plus Rose has Volleyball and writing club and is thinking about getting into band and Reindeer is a cheerleader and Spiderman is in flag football and boy scouts – plus I clean the bungalows every morning and bartend Fri, Sat, and Sun. It’s been crazy – super crazy.

Mondays is and house cleaning day, Tuesdays Spiderman and Reindeer have practice, Wednesday is errands and bills, Thursday Reindeer has practice, Friday Rose has writing club and I bartend, Saturday Spiderman has practice and boyscouts and Rose has Volleyball and I bartend, Sunday Spiderman and Reindeer have football games and Rose and Reindeer have girlscouts and I bartend – rinse and repeat. Plus bungalows every morning. If Rose gets into band – that’ll be an everyday thing. I am constantly running like a chicken with its head cut off xD I finally broke down and started a day planner. It just had to happen. Especially since Reindeer’s cheer coach is president of the PTA and goaded me into joining and volunteering two hours a month – after all it’s only two hours right?

**Reviews schedule** where oh where, can I squeeze in two hours??

On a different note… Last night I had that dream. You know the one, the terrible stupid one that you have no idea why it pops up and it always makes you feel anxious when you wake up? I had… the High School dream.

I’m back in high school, I can’t find my locker – when I finally do find it, I have no idea what the code is. So I go to class, but wait – what’s my first class again? Oh right it’s math… no is it english? Wait, it’s gym right – so I wonder aimlessly down corridors looking for the class that says my home room teachers name, for seemingly hours – when finally my alarm goes off and I awaken chalk full of dread and anxiety. Yay.

I am tired, and worn down – but it’s alright – I didn’t leave the house once yesterday and it felt amazing.

Sooo Gratitude Journal 9/13/2016

I am grateful for a Surprise visit from my best friend this past weekend, that left me exhausted, exhilarated, and broke – and really quite happy. I was sad to see her leave.

I am grateful for being able to do almost nothing yesterday – other than my normal quick It’s Monday clean the house panic that lasts about two hours. I didn’t leave the house. I watched two movies – Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy – hell yes thank you Marvel.

I am grateful for my husband for going out and getting the supplies and fixing our bed that he totally broke.

❤ Krissy


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