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Volunteering (plus a tiny little bit at the end about books)


One of my life list goals is to volunteer at least twice this year. I was never raised to volunteer. I think I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve volunteered in my life.

My Son

My Son picking up “trash”, while helping me with my psychology volunteer project in 2012.

Last year I took a psychology class (that by the way, I adored); and one of the requirements for the class was that we volunteer anywhere for at least five hours and write a report and do a presentation on it. At first I really thought it was a stupid requirement and also practically impossible for me because anytime that I wasn’t in class I had three kids under age six attached to my hip. I eventually asked my professor for ideas on ways to volunteer with the kiddos. She suggested that we walk around the neighborhood for an hour a week for five weeks, picking up all the trash in the roads and in the parks. The kids had fun, and it turned out I actually liked helping the neighborhood out. Really made me think about some things in my life that were… well… Lacking.

So I decided I needed to volunteer more often and since I’ve never really done much of that, I figured volunteering twice this year was a good start; and I started today.

An older woman in my community needed help cleaning her apartment to pass her yearly inspection. She has some medical issues that makes it difficult to keep the place as clean as it needs to be. A friend of mine offered to clean the apartment for her, and I jumped in and volunteered my services as well.

We spend the vast majority of the day cleaning her apartment with no expectations, no reserves, no judgement. Just went in, got it clean, and left. Neither of us had ever met the woman before. It feels good to be giving back to the community, even in such small ways as this.

This is my first of two necessary volunteer adventures for this year, but I’m willing to bet that I’ll be doing quite a bit more than two in the coming months. I’m really happy that I decided to really start volunteering. It’s like Volunteer Maryland says in a recent post How Volunteer Work Benefits Everyone; “Volunteering allows us to get out of the house and do well by our community.  Working for something you care about enables you to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose.  This can boost self-confidence and give you a stronger sense of identity.”


Best of all, I’m now one step closer to completing one of my life list goals. 😀 Oh and speaking of my life list… The part about my book list. I read “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint-Exupery today. It is the first book from the list that I’ve read, but it’s one step closer than I was, so I am excited. ^_^

❤ Krissy